Best Jewelry on Instagram

I am an extremely visual person, so when it comes to social media channels such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr – I feel completely in my element. Though my obsession with imagery can get a little frustrating when I accidentally spend hours scrolling through pages of endless content and realize I’ve missed half my day – it can actually come in handy. You see a lot and you learn a lot – and although a lot of the time it is just satisfying to see pretty pictures, I consider it mind-blowing to think that there’s a whole world of wonder that you can tap into just by using your thumbs on your phone! So I decided to put my talents to good use and share with you some of the brands I’ve found through Instagram that create and sell unique jewelry. Since autumn is now here, I’ve kept the theme wintery for the upcoming months – and hey, maybe you’ll even get some Christmas gift ideas!



Lord Timepieces creates quality, affordable watches using the finest of materials in intricately refined designs. Many of their products feature skeleton clock faces – so complex in their mechanics that it’s hard to not fall curiously in love with their masterful craftsmanship. Lord Timepieces are designed for both men and women and host an array of colored metals, leather and quirky accents for the sophisticated, modern individual.

Check out their luxury watches for an unmatched fusion of elegance, functionality and affordability.


empty casket.PNG

Empty Casket are a beautifully crafted online boutique that sell costume jewelry including rings, necklaces, earrings and chokers, featuring otherworldly imagery! Their Instagram page is adorned in celestial silver stars, crescent moons, skulls, astrological symbolism and ethnic patterns. Many of their designs encompass opal or colored stones – the perfect brand for your inner bohemian princess!

With Halloween fast approaching, these beguiling designs are also perfect for accompanying a little bit of witchcraft and wizardry…


baltic.PNGAdvocating their love for naturalism, Baltic Beauty sell pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches adorned with the rich and radiating orange hues of Baltic amber. Collated from the historical shores of the Polish Baltic Sea, the organic gemstones are hand-worked into fine, sterling silver jewelry that will light a fire in your soul! Built upon a fantastical foundation of wanderlust and enchanting visuals, the boutique owners at Baltic Beauty have raised an amber phoenix from the ashes.


black.PNGLooking for the perfect personalized gift? Black Tied offer adorable, trend-led pieces that encompass positive messages, genuine gemstones, crystals and metals that are lovingly handmade to your custom preferences. Based in Ireland, the independent jewelry store sells affordable, stylish and quirky costume jewelry featuring religious, historical and cultural symbolism, geometric formations and popular iconic shapes such as feathers, Hamsa hands, evil eye pendants and peace signs.


sea.PNGInspired by the landscapes and coastal surroundings of her scenic home in Cornwall, SEA SURF ROCKS owner, Jenny Parker, says her boutique was born from her love of the beach – though her winter collection encapsulates the whimsicality and wonder of the snowy season perfectly! In mesmerizing shades of the twilight skies and icy mountains, the sterling silver bespoke jewelry captures the elemental essence and magic of nature in the winter months.

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