The Best Makeup Brush Sets for 2016

Having quality makeup brushes is essential to executing a flawless look. A great brush can change the way your makeup looks on the skin. Professional makeup artists know this, and they live by it. Having hundreds of different brushes is not always necessary, especially for everyday standard looks. All you really need is a good makeup brush set, and you are good to go! Here is a list of the best makeup brush sets that pro makeup artists love and suggest.

Sigma Beauty “The Best of Sigma” Brush Set – $92


This is one of my most favorite brands. Sigma Beauty has a huge following in the beauty blogging and vlogging world. Their high quality brushes have a 2-year warranty and they are cruelty free. This specific set includes a great variety with 7 of Sigma’s best-selling brushes. With the amazing quality and the phenomenal lasting power, this is a great investment for the serious beauty fanatics out there.

Elf 11 Piece Brush Set


Okay let’s face it – Elf is one of the biggest leaders in cosmetics at an affordable price for every person. So you shouldn’t be surprised that they offer an amazingly versatile brush set that includes 11 pieces and a carrying case all for $30. Can you really beat that?

Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection – $200


I am in love with this brush set. It gives you the tools you need to apply makeup like a pro. Yes, the cost of this set is on the higher end, but the quality you are getting is something that is worth the price. I promise.

MAC “Look in a Box Basic Brush Kit” – $52


This set includes a good selection of blending and shading brushes. There is also an ‘advanced’ version for those of you who already have a good collection started. It’s hard to beat MAC Cosmetic’s excellent standard. It has gained its massive fan base for a reason.

Sephora “Tools of the Trade Brush Set” – $62


This is a great set to start off your collection. It includes eight high quality brushes for the eyes, complexion, and cheeks. The roll bag makes packing them for travel extra easy. The brushes are soft and easy to clean, and they are great quality at an affordable price.

Morphe 15 Piece Vegan Pro Set – $49


Morphe is another wallet-friendly brand, but they stand alone in amazing quality and customer service. This is a company that genuinely cares about making the best brushes possible, and getting them into the hands of consumers at a cost that is attainable to almost everyone. One of my all-time favorite foundation brushes, the Morphe S3, is included in this set along with 14 other brushes that you are sure to be satisfied with.

Artis Makeup Brushes 10 Brush Set – $355

The Artis makeup brushes are taking the beauty world by storm. They have been deemed as “the makeup brushes of the future”, and have been approved by many famous beauty guru’s including Kylie Jenner. They have some of the softest brushes out there. Each brush is made from hundreds of thousands of man-made fibers named CosmeFiber. Most of their brushes are made for self-application. This is the most expensive makeup brush set on our list, but it is too good to not mention. This specific set is a great starter. It offers 10 of this brand’s elite and unique makeup brushes for face, cheeks, and eyes.

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