3-Hour “Diet”

Now that summer is coming to an end, I can already feel myself caring less and less about having a flat stomach and tan skin. I always do this. I work my tush off in the spring and summer trying to get a decent enough body to walk around the beach with my friends. Then the weather begins to cool off, and I start to let myself go. Winter time is THE WORST. Ugh. All I want to do is stay inside, cuddle under a blanket, and eat warm cookies. Then I gain 10 pounds and hate the way I look by the time spring rolls back around. And so the cycle continues. I always get upset with myself, but I never change anything. SO, this year, I have decided to start making some changes. Now, I know myself. I am going to have to ease in to commitments, because I always give up after one day of messing up. I’m a perfectionist, and if I don’t fulfill a commitment 100%, I usually just quit and feel defeated. So instead of trying some crazy fad diet or workout routine, I am just going to try and change some lifestyle habits. One thing I am going to try first is eating every 3 hours to keep my metabolism moving. I am not a dietitian, so there is a chance this might not work for me. But, some of my family members have tried this out and it has really worked for them. What is the idea behind eating every 3-hours, you might wonder? I used to be so confused by it too. Aren’t I supposed to be eating fewer times a day? Well according to fitness expert (not sure who gave him this title?) Jorge Cruise, eating small and balanced meals every 3 hours boosts your body’s fat-burning potential. I like the sound of this. I am still studying and trying to research the best ways to approach this new eating habit. Here is what I have so far:

If you don’t eat often enough, your body goes into something called “starvation” mode. In starvation mode, our bodies begin conserving calories, storing fat, and burning muscle for energy (NOT cool). Cruise says that if you eat every 3 hours, you repeatedly reset your metabolism, and you burn fat all day long!

The 3 major rules you should stick to are:

  1. Eat breakfast within 1 hour of rising.
  2. Eat every 3 hours after that.
  3. Stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed

The fourth rule: Stick to the recommended portion sizes. Meals should average 400 calories; snacks, 100 calories; and dessert should be 50 calories. I’m pretty sure there is no desert on the planet that is only 50 calories, but I will let that nonsense slide I guess.This gives you a total of about 1,450 calories a day. For me, that’s actually a great amount of calories. During the summer, when I’m trying to stay what i call “bikini aware”, I try to not eat more than 1100 calories in a day.

I am really hoping this doesn’t end up feeling like a diet. I want something that is going to be easy to fit into my lifestyle, but will make me an all around healthier and more energetic person. I will be starting my first day with this tomorrow (Monday). I like starting things at the beginning of the week. I will also start working out in the mornings before work. I am going to stay accountable through my friends and through this blog!  I will try to post updates with my progress as often as possible. I am not looking for a crazy body transformation. I am just trying to maintain the way I look, and not fluctuate so much from winter to summer. Wish me luck, I might need it.



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