Ways to Make Money Using Your Phone

Today I am going to share with you a few apps I have found that you can make extra money while using. Each of these apps are easy to use and are free to download. None of these will make you super rich over night, but they will give you extra spending money which is always helpful.

Stash – This first app I am sharing with you is an app that makes it easy to invest in the stock market. You can start off with investing as little as $5 in any category based on your interests, goals, and beliefs. Obviously, little risk equals little reward. However, this app is perfect for learning how the stock market works without losing large amounts of money. It is a lot of fun, and if you invest wisely you can make a good extra chunk of change every month.

TagKey – This app is a really fun one. Imagine Instagram and Twitter gave birth to a new app that gave you gift cards for posting. That baby’s name is TagKey. For each photo, video, or “TagLine” (a text post with a limit of 150 characters) that you post you earn “TagCoins”. You can also earn TagCoins by gaining followers, liking other’s posts, having other people like your posts, etc.. After you save up enough coins, you can trade those in for gifts cards to almost anywhere. I always trade mine in for Starbucks and Target gift cards #basicwhitegirl.

ShopKick – This app offers you incentives to go into specific stores and check out some of their products. You can earn even more by purchasing specific products within the store that ShopKick reccomends. For each store that you enter and each item that you scan or purchase, you earn “KickBucks”. You trade these in for gift cards. It’s similar to TagKey, but you use it while you’re out running errands or at the mall. I hardly ever make the purchases. I just walk in the store, earn the KickBucks, and get my gift cards. 🙂

Locket – This last app I am sharing is the most simple. Locket pays users to let them place ads on their lock screen. With one swipe you can either open the ad, or unlock your phone the way you always do. No matter what, you get paid. You can make up to $300 every month which is ALOT for pretty much doing nothing except downloading an app and letting it use your lock screen as an advertising avenue.

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