5 Hacks for Fixing “Ruined” Clothing

  1. Armpit Stains – Use a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda, and water to remove those unsightly stains. Scrub the paste onto the stained area, let it sit for an hour, then toss it in the washer!
  2. Foundation Stains – If you happen to get some foundation or power on one of your favorite tops (it happens to the best of us), try using shaving gel/cream! It only takes a little bit. I’ve found that the results are even better when using the shaving gel as a pretreatment before a wash.
  3. Water Stains on Leather Shoes – If your boots/shoes are ruined from the rain/snow/salt that comes along with winter, have no fear! You can easily remove these stains by taking an old toothbrush, dabbing it in white vinegar, and scrubbing the problem areas.
  4. Stuck Zippers – The most simple and effective way to help with a stuck zipper is to take a cotton swab and some petroleum jelly to it! Can it get any easier?
  5. Pilling on Sweaters and Leggings – take a razor to the problem area. The same way you get rid of those stubborn leg hairs, you can rid yourself of the annoying little “balls” that come with pilling. YAY!

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