NYX Matte Lip Cream


I have been looking for the perfect matte lip color for a long time now. I have tried all kinds of brands, even some of the most expensive ones, but none of them have seemed to look good on me. They were either way too dry, or too extreme in color. I am not sure why, but I have never been interested in NYX Cosmetics. For some reason I always assumed that because of the low price, that must reflect the quality of their products. But I was running out of options so, I finally decided to give their matte lip cream a chance thinking – “What do I have to loose?”. I am SO happy I made that decision. I loved the product so much, I returned and bought 4 more colors just a couple of days later. The lip cream goes on easily, keeps the lips moist and feeling healthy, it is long lasting, and BEST of all – they are only $6! I am still in shock. I am going to continue and try different NYX products and see how it goes. I will keep everyone updated.



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