3 Ways to be Happier and Healthier

Number One: Have a good bedtime routine

There are multiple studies to prove that people who are well rested have more productive days, weigh less, and are much less stressed in their lives. I’m not saying it is never okay to let loose and stay out late with the girls every now and then, but it is vital to your health and well being that you maintain good sleeping habits!

Number Two: Drink. Water.

Staying hydrated with H2O is not only vital to our survival as human beings, it is an extremely useful tool in living a happy and healthy life. Our bodies are made of water, so it only makes sense that we crave it and need it to function as our best selves. Water flushes away toxins, it keeps our skin healthy and youthful, and it helps our bodies stay strong and energized.

Number 3: Find an Exercise That You Love

We all know that working out is extremely important. Not only can it boost our self esteem and keep us healthy, exercising reduces stress. I know it is not easy to just go to the gym and run for 30 minutes straight (idk maybe you are into that?), but finding an excercise activity that you enjoy can be life changing. Maybe you could join a spin class, or your local indoor soccer league. Staying healthy and in shape should be a lifestyle, not a chore. Make it fun!

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